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What is ECAP Trading?

It’s a Proprietary Low Risk High Reward Trading Strategy/System based off Institutional Footprints left on the markets.

These are Identified and Drawn before the new trading week begins and only requires you to spare 20-30 minutes each week drawing zones. Thats it!

It doesn’t matter what the asset is it’s works on anything that can be traded and it really enables you to start profiting in less than week once applied.

The Benefits

  Institutional Trading Strategy 90% Winrate!

Access to my Software and Tools

Quick 4 Step Institutional Crash Course 

Daily Trade Breakdown and Mentor Trading With You

Direct Access to Me Via Private Chatroom 

14 Trading Day Money Back Guarantee if No Profits Are Made!


ECAP 3 Step Strategy: Overview and Benefits

90%+ Win Ratio

50-70% Monthly Return 

A minimum Trade Ratio 1:1 which can go as large as 1:20!

You’ll Receive my Proprietary MT4 Risk Management Software To Protect Your money.

Full 24/7 Trading Support and Coaching

Time Commitment: 10 Minutes Per Weekend copying my Trade Orders

Minimum Investment £250

Membership will be paid with Monthly Profits!

Prop/Challenge Accounts Welcome


9 Core Trading Modules

PLUS: 50 Topics + Graded Tests

Have a full understanding of how the Forex Market works

Tell the difference between Base & Quoted currencies used in Forex

Understand what short selling and buying is and the mechanics behind it

Understand what leverage is and how it affects your trading

Know Forex terminology like Ask, Bid, Spread, Equity, etc.

Tell the difference between a Pip and a Point

Use all types of orders: Buy / Sell / Buystop / Sellstop / Buylimit / Selllimit

You will learn a POWERFUL type of Forex Analysis

By the end of this course you will have a substantial arsenal of technical analysis techniques

You will know the basics of calculating and managing risks when trading Forex


Here’s the kicker! I guarantee you’ll make Profits in your first 14 Days or your Money Back Guaranteed! 

1x Time Payment Of Only £997 or

12x Easy Payments of £97 P/M + £247 Enrollment Fee


Dead Simple

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What Does This Mean For You!

No Additional Expenses Required Other Than Your First Deposit


Avoid More Blown Accounts

Zero Emotional Attachment To Your Trades Outcome

No More Fear based Trading

No More Missed Trades and Revenge Trading

Searching For The Holy Grail Of Trading Systems

No Overwhelming Chatrooms and Missed Signals

No More Poor Risk management and Huge Drawdowns

Sounds Good But…

Why should I care Ive Lost Money Trading  before…

Firstly I’m Incredibly sorry to hear that! 90% of My Traders have been through the same situation and many had no idea when it comes to Risk Management or Adapting to Different Phases of the Markets But… I do! And This is what you will Learn.


The MONEY  is Always In The Trading Data

My Risk Managment Model Shows That Theres A 0.0% Chance of Me Ever Losing An Entire Account!

A 1.3% Chance of Me Losing 50% of The Account! Thanks to My Robust Strategy.


Hi I’m Ewan Forrester

Chief Trading Strategist at


… and I HATED Wasting my time taking “Bad trades Using Bad Systems/Signals and being in a Drawdown and eventually losing money too

This was me trading in my idiot years Frustrated and Angry Watching my BAD trades Multiply Feeling Stupid and Helpless…

Now if you were anything like me back then… You skipped to the next system as soon as your account took a hit in Search for the “Holy Grail of Trading Systems” Only to end up back where you started (If Not Worse!)

You’re not Alone!

If Theres Anyone Thats Made The Most Mistakes When Its Comes To Trading it was Me!

Infact it’s not unheard of in FX Industry that

90% of Traders Lose Money!

8% of Traders Breakeven

2% of Traders are actually Consistently Profitable!

(Guess what I was Trading? Yes Over-leveraged Forex Pairs)

This process was getting increasingly annoying but getting mainly annoyed at myself when everyone else was winning!

So I found Another Way With a Statistical Trading Edge

CFD’s and Indice Trading! Which is a little better… (Statistically Speaking)

As Only 69% of Traders Lose Money…

I liked Those Odds So I Got To Work and Built…




I’ve got everything you need to profit from scratch…

So you dont need to spend a dime on any more trading products or services…

All you need to are two things:

  • An decent Internet Connection
  • A Bank/Crypto Account to withdraw Profits made

Once you have these two things you’re all set!


2020 Was A Difficult Year To Trade (Pandemic) My Time Tested Strategy That Adapts To All Market Phases even in 2023!

Profits Were Still Made Check Out My LIVE Trading Just Below



Why Am I Qualified To Help You?

I get it…

Its Always good to have a healthy level of skepticism.

Am I Qualified To Help You Succeed In Trading?

  • For One, Ive Cleared Over 6 Figures For My Members…
  • Ive Been Actively Trading For Over 10 Years…
  • I Build and Actively Manage Risk Management Models

Im not saying this to brag or make anyone feel insignificant…

As I come from one of the roughest neighbourhoods in London, UK

(Or the “Hood” as they call it)

Made a bunch of money in trading lost it, made more money back and carried on going!

This didn’t stop me from succeeding! In-fact I used my disadvantages in life as fuel to climb higher!


So Please Don’t Just Give Up Yet!

I know you’re tired…

It’s finally 2023, but are you fearing it’ll be no different from the last?

Are you tired of constantly spinning your wheels, and NEVER making money online?

Wish you could find the one “magic bullet” that’d allow you to succeed?

If you answered “yes”, then this may be the most important letter you’ll read in 2023…


Because if you’re tired of:


Even if you’re more frustrated than ever before… 

Or nothing has made you a single penny in profit… 

…I kindly ask you to NOT give up.



Dead Simple

You’re Just 2 Clicks Away From Receiving 50% Per a Month In Trading Profits

Click 1#

Make an Application To Join My Team

Not Everyone Gets Accepted Due To The Chatroom Being Oversubscribed

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Wait 24-48 Hours For Confirmation

If You Have Been Successful You’ll Receive a Welcome Email

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Learn Then Earn

Get Paid Directly Into Your Bank Account Whenever You Make A Withdrawal 


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My Trading Process

Now I Use This EXACT  Trading “Hack” To Make My Members 50% PLUS Per a Month



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